Why should you become a family doctor?

Most clearly, Family Medicine allows a significant degree of freedom, much more than most prospective doctors know or anticipate. You have the option of delivering babies all day if you so want. You may even get some practice in the emergency department if that is what you want. Alternatively, you may like to work as a hospitalist in an inpatient setting. All of this, and much more, is attainable with the help of family medicine.

academy of family doctor in Malaysia

In general, family doctors enjoy a favourable work schedule, with regular 9 to 5 office hours and little call. It should be noted that if you concentrate on obstetrics, emergency medicine, or hospitalist medicine, your hours will be more closely aligned with what is typical for that speciality.


If you prefer getting to know your patients and developing connections with them, family medicine is an excellent choice since you may see patients from birth until they reach maturity.


The degree of medical expertise maintained by family physicians is also maintained. Medical students in their later years are well aware of what I’m referring to. You put in thousands of hours and a tremendous amount of time studying about the many organ systems and associated disorders, only to forget most of it when your focus narrows down to a particular area of medicine. Concerning cosmetic surgery, I felt that way. Family medicine is one of the few disciplines you may continue to build on your broad knowledge base as your career progresses. Knowing that you can deal with almost anything that goes through the door gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Suppose you value your time with your family and interests outside of medicine. In that case, family medicine offers the freedom to practise medicine while still having time for your own family and interests outside of medicine.

academy of family doctor in Malaysia

Do you want to pursue a career as a family medicine physician? You’ll need to do well on your class quizzes and standardised examinations if you want to get into medical school and match into a fantastic academy of family doctors in Malaysia. Whenever you’re looking for resources or firms to collaborate with, search for those that are true MD physicians rather than PhDs or other sorts of doctors who did not attend medical school. Look for those that have achieved excellent outcomes for themselves, have a track record of success with favourable reviews from clients, and have a systematic approach so that you can be sure of receiving high-quality service at all times. 

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