What TIME High Speed Internet Really Offers

Very often we hear people talking about a “good connection” referring only to speed, in the case of the home network or their mobile phone.

Here, for businesses, it works a little differently. There are three factors to keep in mind to determine if a connection is “good” or not. Use of the Time fibre broadband Malaysia is essential in this case.


There is no escape from this, if it is too slow it becomes unusable and you rightly give up on making the most of it. You know that feeling of anger and helplessness as the internet wheel spins and turns and never gets anywhere? Better to avoid; and we say this for your mental health.


Few think about it, but security is essential (even more so since the GDPR went into effect) for companies. The speech is the same as for antivirus: a private individual can be satisfied with much less, a company must have certain standards. For example, prevent anyone tries to steal the data as soon as you or your co-worker connect to the Internet and how a reliable it company can help your business.


A synonym that we can use to better explain efficiency is Solidity. Is it better a very fast network, but which works really well 2 hours a day, Or another one, slightly slower, but which guarantees constant performance?
We think it’s clear. You need a solid network because those who connect may be more than one person and often different activities are simultaneous, Download, Upload, Connect to the server, Save, Backup. Everyone must be able to carry out their actions in a reasonable time. Here we are at the end of the article, but before closing, we must add a final clarification.
Conclusion and Appendix: the problem of Italian connections
Finally, we have to talk about this sore: the connections. We address this topic because the network and business connectivity also depend on the city, the region, and the state where the company is located. It is not a question of more or less fast brands but of the average, much slower than the rest of


Since connectivity passes through infrastructures, often you can’t get the best you want, or malfunctions occur.

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