The Impact of Big Data on Management Accounting

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Big data is driven by science and technology. It promotes the transformation of data management mode and changes the traditional management accounting work mode. Management accounting is affected by weak foundation and lack of management system, resulting in poor practice performance. The emergence of big data has changed the status quo of management accounting and promoted the function of management accounting.

At present, big data is widely used in the management of various enterprises, which plays an important role in improving the management effect and working efficiency of enterprises. Big data has the characteristics of high efficiency and digitalization, and the use of virtualization breaks the time and space restrictions on the market. Through the effective integration of various elements within the market, it can achieve efficient and rapid integration, which plays an important role in improving the operating efficiency of the market and optimizing the way of market development. It is an inevitable development trend to be widely used in major enterprises.

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The impact of big data on management accounting includes the following three aspects.

Data management mode changes

In the era of big data, traditional data management methods have been changed. In the traditional data management of enterprises, the management types and management channels are relatively simple, and the data types are mainly structural, so the workload of data management is large and the work efficiency is not high. With the advent of the era of big data, data types and management channels are more diversified, and a close connection with the Internet has been established. Storing big data on e-commerce and social network platforms reveals the non-structural characteristics of big data, changes the collection methods and contents of big data, and brings about a great revolution in data management.


Data processing changes

The traditional way of data processing needs to take out the data from the database, through the process of collection and collation. This can realize the extraction, analysis and utilization of valuable data, but it will waste a lot of time and is interlinked. Once there is a mistake in a certain link, the data processing results will be affected. In the era of big data, data analysis and mining are mainly realized with the help of analysis tools. The analysis methods are diversified, including regression analysis, classification analysis, trend analysis and decision number analysis, etc. Data analysis methods can be reasonably selected according to the specific situation.


Ways for data storage changes

Enterprise internal management accounting data has the characteristics of diversity and richness. The total amount of data is large and stored in a data warehouse. Before storing data, you need to collect, preprocess, analyze, and process data. Traditional data storage methods are complicated and waste a lot of time, which is not conducive to improving enterprise work efficiency. In the era of big data, according to the actual situation of data, data is divided into several types, including distributed storage cluster, distributed database and different data storage modules, which provides an effective channel for data storage. The main storage modules mainly include sales management module, production planning module and enterprise relationship module. Automation Backup Solution Malaysia offers complete support for data storage.


With the development of science and technology, big data has changed the way enterprises operate and manage. Big data is the product of science and technology, which is widely used in the management accounting work of enterprises. It innovates management accounting methods and optimizes the effect of management accounting work. Enterprises should fully seize the advantage of big data, which has created considerable prospects for the sustainable development of enterprises.

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