SAP- Systems, Applications, and Products.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP is an acronym that stands for Systems, Applications, and Products. The acronym is related to the field of data processing. A SAP consultant is a person who works to implement new systems, applications, and products in businesses. A SAP consultant can either be a freelancer who works for hire or a dedicated employee of a firm. Generally, the consultant is an expert in some aspects of SAP, the most common of which is SAP finance. A SAP consultant can have experience in areas like software development and programming focus on the technical side of SAP software as well. Consultants who have a finance background generally focus on the functional area within a business. A SAP consultant’s expertise is vital for any and all businesses to function optimally. 


SAP consultants are usually people who are from the software and computer systems industry who enjoy streamlining. SAP consultants find their work satisfying and fulfilling because of the high earning potential. 


SAP consultants basically have to evaluate, design, and configure computer systems and software. They do this in order to meet the needs of their employers. They ensure that the workflow for the computer system is optimized. They also have to make sure that the system works well for the end-users as well. In order to modify the system as much as possible, SAP consultants gather feedback from end to end users. This allows them to debug the system and optimize it to its maximum potential. While their specific responsibilities may vary somewhat depending on the type of SAP consulting that they do, some of the most common duties include:


  1. Automating and optimizing AP and FI process, upgrades, fiscal year changes and OSDB migration.


  1. Developing an order-to-cash process including inquiry, order, billing and shipping

Configure the business’s credit management functionality in order to streamline processes for accounts receivable.


  1. Developing user manuals and technical guides to cover the full order-to-cash cycle for end-users.


  1. Analyzing a company’s existing computer systems, identifying areas for improvement and recommending solutions to the organization’s management team.


Types of SAP Consultants. SAP Analytics Cloud


The field can be divided into four broad categories when it comes to the types of SAP consultants. 

  • Developer consultant:

Developer consultants are responsible for coding JAVA and ABAP programs.  

  • Business and sales consultant:

 Business/sales SAP consultants focus on projects at the customer level.

  • Functional consultant:

This type of SAP consultant works closely with developers to create custom code for ABAP programs, customizing SAP to meet the client requirements.

  • SAP basis consultant: 

A SAP basis consultant helps to install, maintain and fine-tune databases and SAP servers. 


ABEAM Consulting is a consultation firm that provides comprehensive SAP consultancy. This specific firm has adopted the latest technologies over the past two decades in order to help their clients achieve the best possible results. This is done through true business innovation using SAP and its initiatives. 

ABEAM Consulting combines industry experts with their SAP experts, who specialize in the processes and technologies of the client’s field, in order to provide the most relevant solutions. SAP experts include SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Concur, and SAP Integrated Business Planning. This allows the firm to provide a number of diverse SAP consulting services that have been specifically designed to meet the client’s needs. 

SAP Analytics Cloud

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