Chad Kroeger – Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Peake – Guitar, Vocals
Mike Kroeger – Bass
Ryan Vikedal – Drums

Welcome to a success story built on the road, on the radio, and on one band’s commitment to, above all things, great rock songs. Nickelback exploded across the globe with their sophomore album, Silver Side Up. The follow-up to their Gold-selling 2000 debut The State, Silver Side Up was an instant smash upon release in Sept 2001, going on to sell over nine million copies to date worldwide. The album achieved Gold, Platinum, or multi-Platinum status in the U.S. (5x Platinum), UK (3x platinum) the band’s native Canada (8x platinum), Australia (2x Platinum), Germany (Platinum), Holland (Platinum), and ten other territories worldwide. Having gained fans steadily on The State through relentless touring and rock radio play, the band’s rise to success was catapulted by Silver Side Up’s unstoppable radio anthem, “How You Remind Me”. The song that went on to rack up four Grammy Award nominations, four Billboard Awards, four Juno awards, and countless radio accreditations. All important statistics, but the stats are best summed up by the following: “How You Remind Me” was the #1 Most Played Song of 2002, across all formats, according to Billboard Monitor. The band shot into rare air, and stayed there, when two #1 Rock singles followed, “Too Bad” and “Never Again”, each commanding audience numbers in the millions. When the dust settled, Nickelback had made another stunning achievement: the band was named #1 Most Played Rock Artist of 2002 Across All Radio Formats.

Now in 2003, the Vancouver-based ensemble of Chad Kroeger – singer/guitarist and main songwriter, Ryan Peake – guitarist, Mike Kroeger – bassist, and Ryan Vikedal – drummer are back with their most accomplished effort to date, the new album The Long Road. At once accessible and tuneful, accomplished and honest, aggressive and emotional, The Long Road raises the stakes while realizing the potential of these young hitmakers. “We’ve pushed things further in every way possible. We’re very proud of this album”, frontman Chad Kroeger says of the release. “Fans of real rock music are in for a surprise.”

From the album’s dynamic lead single “Someday” to the strapping guitar riffs of “Throw Yourself Away” to the vibrant and energetic “Do This Anymore” and the bare emotion of “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good,” The Long Road sees Nickelback focusing its signature melodic crunch like never before. The album is also highlighted by a marked lyrical growth, more often tackling universal themes rather than simply going toe-to-toe with personal demons. “The album is less directed at me and things I’ve gone through,” lead singer and guitarist Chad Kroeger, elaborates. “Instead of being about my own life, it’s about experiences that everyone can relate to and hopefully learn something from.”

On The Long Road, a key component in the evolution of the music was the band’s decision to handle production chores all on their own for the first time. The band knew this would be a challenge, but had the confidence within them to take on the task. The Long Road marks the first time in Nickelback’s career that the band has crafted an entire album without any outside influence.

“It was great that the four of us had to be our own referees and work together to make the record we really wanted to make,” Chad Kroeger says of the recording sessions, which took place at Greenhouse studios and Chad’s home studio both in Vancouver. “There was no one looking over our shoulder and we never felt inhibited. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

“I think we all feel like we’ve already captured the brass ring and accomplished more than we could have ever hoped for when we were first starting out,” Chad Kroeger concludes. “We know we’ve made a great rock record. Now we’re just waiting to see how people are going to cast their votes.” Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger adds, “We’re just doing what we do the best way we know how. We don’t concern ourselves with what everyone else is doing. We’re just interested in making rock-solid and honest Nickelback records.”

Set for release on September 23rd, The Long Road will be supported by a US tour in the Fall. The album’s first single “Someday” impacted Rock and Modern Rock radio on July 29, and was #1 Most Added at all formats, with over 150 stations adding the song to rotation. A video for “Someday”, shot by acclaimed director Nigel Dick, begins airing in early September.

The craft of rock music, as interpreted by Nickelback, is honed even finer on The Long Road. Nickelback have found a home among millions of fans around the globe through their music, and for the band and their fans, the road continues on.

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