The best latin musical group MENUDO, now MDO, with more than 23 years of existence, is without a doubt the greatest musical phenomenon that has risen from Latin America in all of history.

In 1977, Edgardo Diaz took the world by surprise by inventing a musical concept that changed the musical trend of the young people. From his native land Puerto Rico, Menudo started out to conquer the world.

Under the idea that the group remained always young, its producers established the rule to replace its members as they aged (the ages varied through the years); this way the group would conserve a fresh and youthful image for its fans.

The success that they obtained was not only felt in all of the Latin American countries, but also beyond the borders of language: Recordings in English, Portuguese, Italian and Tagalog (Philippines) captivated millions of young people around the world.

With the Menudo phenomenon, the music world was transformed, giving new opportunities to young artists in this field. 33 adolescents have belonged to the group, each one with its own personality and style, which has served as a platform to many of them who have enjoyed great popularity as solo artists: Ricky Martin, Robby Rosa, Xavier Serbia, Charlie Masso, Ruben Gmez, Sergio Gonzlez and the members of Project M, Rene Farrait, Johnny Lozada and Ray Reyes, among others.

MDOs current line-up now comprises of members Didier Hernndez, Abel Talamntez, Pablo Portillo, Alexis Grullon and Caleb Avils.

MDOs new English album entitled A Little Piece Of Heaven is now available in all major music stores.

Watch out for MDO in Malaysia this coming August 2001!!!

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