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lab planner malaysia

What the Lab Planner and Designer Has to Say:

CannonDesign architect and laboratory planner Regal Leftwich, AIA, AICAE, LEED BD+C, claims he started his career “unofficially” in high school. His school’s Technical Student Association offered classes in design process, computer-aided design, electronics, architecture, and architecture. After some early experience in high school programmes, Leftwich received a bachelor’s degree in architecture and subsequently a master’s degree in architecture.

Leftwchich also claims:

lab planner malaysiaLab design is like travelling—every design experience is different,” Ignacio continues, “exposing me to unique work methods, social structures, and thinking cultures within the broad field of science.” “I’m inspired by how people apply science to our current and future conditions, not just by people or science in isolation.” As a designer, I’m tasked with providing them with a variety of options for discovery.”

Glen Berry, Malaysia’s Second Designer and Lab Planner:

Architecture, engineering, economics, and other disciplines are all included in the design/build business. This industry has a specialty in laboratory planning. But what makes someone qualified to operate as a “lab planner?” There are no specific requirements or exams to call oneself a lab planner—much of it, it turns out, is learned on the job.

According to Glen Berry, AIA, NCARB, senior lab architect of HERA laboratory planners, “a lab planner does not need a licence or qualification.” “Because lab planning is such an important part of the building design process, many lab planners are qualified architects.” Some lab planners who are also licensed architects prefer the term “laboratory architects” instead of “lab planners.” Malaysian lab planner

Altair Galgana Wood is the third lab planner.

Architect Altair Galgana-Wood, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, of Studio8 in Austin, Texas. She earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree and completed an internship at the University of Houston, where she discovered a passion for lab architecture because it requires “both a depth of experience and a mindset of constant innovation, as well as having an eye for detail while keeping the bigger picture in mind.” Like Ignacio, she sees lab planning as a win-win situation for all parties involved. Galgana-Wood notes, “I enjoy lab design because it allows me to be a part of the future’s cutting edge.” “I also think of it as a gift to humanity.”

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