IT Management: Learn To Use Information Technology Management As A Competitive Advantage Of Your Business

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Long time the digital transformation is no longer an option and has become a necessity of the companies. It is not always easy to adapt to changes, especially in a market as fierce as today. But did you know that it is possible to use IT Management as a competitive advantage for your business, regardless of the size of your company? Here is a help you make your IT more strategic. top Malaysia university for economics degree

What Does An IT Manager (CIO) Do

The IT manager or CIO (Chief Information Officer) is responsible for being at the head of the IT team, conducting the work of the group in the best possible way. In his day to day, the IT manager needs to do a series of IT management activities, such as:

  • Develop strategic IT planning;
  • Plan and manage area processes;
  • Ensure that IT supports business processes;
  • Manage the IT staff;
  • Prioritize and support projects;
  • Define IT governance;
  • Ensure continuity of services;
  • Monitor and present the indicators;
  • Ensure information security;

Request And Distribute IT Resources

It is clear that the IT manager does not do everything alone: ​​he can count on the help of his team and the support of the top echelons of the company. Thus, knowledge in information technology is just one of several competencies that the IT leader needs to have from Widad IT courses.

Are you going to know the main skills needed by IT professionals?

IT Professionals: 8 Essential Skills

If you work or are thinking of working with IT management, stay tuned to what you need to be a good professional:


The main working tool for IT professionals is data. And to be able to process them correctly it takes a lot of concentration!


Multidisciplinary teams are gaining more and more space in IT projects. Therefore, professionals with attitude tend to stand out in this environment.


The ability to be visionary is another skill observed and admired in IT professionals, as it highlights their ability to face everyday challenges.


A good IT professional must be a good problem solver! Therefore, having creativity is essential to continue in this profession.


As much of the IT work is done in a team, knowing how to communicate with others is an extremely desired skill, as it avoids rework.


The IT professional must, above all, be a curious born. Technologies are always up to date and it is essential to be curious to be able to keep up with these changes and make them relevant to the business.

Project Management

Having project management skills is a very important competence, especially among leaders. IT works a lot with projects and therefore needs someone who knows how to conduct them correctly!

User Experience

User Experience is not just a trend: it has become a definite requirement for software projects. To be a good IT professional, you need to take user experience into account and focus on their needs.

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