Darren Hayes

In a world of weary uncertainty, singer/songwriter Darren Hayes’ Spin is a musical tonic that goes down easy. The 12 track solo debut for the lead singer of Savage Garden offers an antidote to the darker side of humanity, bursting with rhythmic spirit and lyrical heart.
“There’s always some crisis we face as a species, whether the horrors of war and terrorism or the fact that people are still dying from AIDS,” explains the Australian-born Hayes. “On this record, I wanted to acknowledge the power of entertainment. I love the fact that I can engage the masses in some sort of public joy. I wanted to lighten up and bring people with me, to just drop that needle on the record and stop the fighting for the three-and-a-half minutes of a pop song. Maybe there’s a message in that.”

Recorded in San Francisco, Hayes co-produced Spin with Grammy Award winning Walter Afanasieff (Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Savage Garden). Hayes spent a year co-writing more than 35 songs for the project. As well as writing with Walter A and Rick Nowels (Madonna, Dido), he also wrote with newcomer Greg Bieck and experimental electronic artist, Robert Conley of Specificus.

Spin is Hayes’ third project, following the global success of two smash albums with Savage Garden partner Daniel Jones. The duo’s 1997 self-titled debut and 1999’s Affirmation have sold in excess of 20 million copies worldwide, spawning such hits as: the celebratory love ballad and Billboard No. 1 hit “Truly Madly Deeply”; the whimsical single that launched the band, “I Want You,” which went gold in the U.S.; and the modern classic “I Knew I Loved You,” which remains on the charts more than two years after its release.

Hayes’ turn toward the solo frontier follows Savage Garden’s split in 2000, which he calls “a natural progression. I am more of a performer, while Daniel prefers to be in the studio behind the scenes. It was a wonderful period in both of our lives, but now it’s necessary to get on to the next phase. Daniel is incredibly talented and I wish him the best.”

Spin weaves its spell with an acute palette of relationship themes–like romantic abandon, sexual desire, and betrayal–as well as Hayes’ colorful stances on staying true to personal choices and taking stock in life’s bounty.

Musically, Hayes was determined to pay homage to the melodic influences of his youth. “This record is true to the music I grew up listening to–whether it be Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, or Marvin Gaye. When I was first wanting to sing and getting turned on by music, that’s what I would jump up and down to.” Hayes unapologetically used no live instruments–other than some strings and an occasional guitar–on the album. “It’s a challenge to inject soul into machines,” he says. “I think that lately, pop and electronic music have gotten a bad name, because they rarely accomplish that.”

Spin’s first single, “Insatiable”–written and produced by Hayes and Afanasieff–harkens the sweet, full-bodied sound that Hayes is best known for, and then turns up the heat with its breathy, falsetto take on the bold passion that goes hand in hand with blossoming love. “This one just flowed through me. It is absolutely one of my favorite songs I have ever written.”

Hayes, who now resides in San Francisco, will travel the world in support of Spin, which is slated for simultaneous international release in first-quarter 2002. “I feel unleashed,” Hayes articulates. “After 10 years in this business, it’s like school’s out–I’m more confident and a more energetic performer, and this is about me understanding my potential. I’m an old-fashioned entertainer and I want to do this until I simply can’t walk anymore.”

source taken from http://www.sonymusic.co.uk/