Culinary Field-A View to Kitchen Duties

If you are interested in becoming a chef then doing a diploma in culinary arts may help you achieve it. And if you already are in the field of culinary arts then you might already know the roles of different chefs in the kitchen. But if you do not know then this article will help you understand how a typical kitchen in a restaurant works. Down below we have briefly discussed the duties of different chefs in a kitchen. 

1. Head Chef:

Let’s start with the duties of a head chef.  His role is made up of many varying responsibilities. He is the person who is controlling and directing the food preparation process. He is also responsible for approving and polishing dishes before they reach the customer in the restaurant or hotel. A head chef is a person who is ultimately responsible for ensuring the kitchen meets all regulations including sanitary and food safety guidelines to avoid any unfortunate accident. In general, a head chef is also known as chef de cuisine or executive chef in a restaurant or hotel. It is the responsibility of the head chef to handle all other functional chefs in the kitchen. The position of a head chef is also known as a grand chef, chef manager, or master chef in different countries. 

2. Assistant Chef:

After the head chef, the second in command is assistant chefs. He is the person who aids head chefs with skilled food preparation and cooking in a restaurant. One of their responsibilities also includes helping train subordinate chefs and supervise their work to avoid mistakes. An assistant chef is a person who is also responsible for reviewing kitchen inventory and estimating what foods are needed in a restaurant. An assistant chef is also known as sous-chef de cuisine as he is “the second in command in a kitchen.  As a second in command, the assistant chef holds much responsibility in the restaurant kitchen, which can eventually lead to promotion to becoming the executive chef with time and his efforts. 

3. Senior Chef:

The next in the rank is senior Chef. He is also known as “Chef de Partie” and he is the person who is usually assigned one particular menu specialty in which he or she excels. He or she is the person who directs the prep work of kitchen staff and assistant cooks in his or her area. 

4. Junior Chef:

The next in the rank is a junior chef. As the assistant chef operates as a head chef’s right hand, similarly, a junior sous chef is a person who operates as the assistant to an assistant chef. A junior chef is responsible for a majority of the same duties and responsibilities as the assistant chef, such as inventory, kitchen staff management, and food preparation in a restaurant. In short, a junior chef will help the assistant chef in doing all his duties. A junior chef is also known as “Commis Chef” as a formal name in the culinary arts. Visit this website to get news about all of the latest songs.


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