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With a Partner, How to Use Sex Toys

Even if you’re an expert at using sex toys when masturbating, using them with others can feel like a completely different tale. While it isn’t an exact science, you may have some concerns about where to begin. Fortunately for you, there isn’t much of a difference between using a toy with a partner and using one on yourself in many aspects. In fact, most of the devices you use for masturbation can probably be used for partnered play as well.


Having a partner, on the other hand, opens up a whole new world of possibilities, both in terms of companion-specific toys and techniques that require an extra pair of hands. In either case, if all partners are interested, sex toys may be a great complement to any sex life. Find all you need to know about using sex toys with a partner, from selecting the correct equipment to becoming creative, in the sections below.


  1. Double-check that everyone is on board.


The first step in employing toys is to ensure that everyone involved is in favour of doing so. It might entail a discussion. But don’t be concerned if you or your lover have some reservations at first. Using sex toys as a couple still has a lot of societal stigma attached to it. You may have internalised the message that a wonderful spouse should be “enough” for you and your wants, without the need for gadgets. Meanwhile, it’s not like sex toys show up in typical sex scenes in movies and television shows (or even a lot of mainstream porn). With all of this advertising, it’s no surprise that some people are hesitant to bring toys into a partnership.


Even if you’re both pro-toy, make sure you’re both on board with the safe sex practises you’ll follow if you need to share toys, such as putting a fresh condom on a dildo after you’ve used it but before you use it on your partner. Check out this article on the issue if you need some extra help talking to your partner about all of the above. It will guide you through the entire difficult situation.


  1. Go shopping for a toy as a family to create excitement.


It’s a good idea to investigate your options if you’re new to utilising sex toys together. It’s also a terrific method to talk about your partner’s hobbies and interests, as well as foreplay. It’s possible that partners won’t say what they want. ‘Hey, let’s play with this toy,’ implies ‘I enjoy this kind of thing’ or ‘I’m curious about it.’

online sex toys Malaysia

This can be done either online or in person (if COVID-19 allows it). You can actually see and touch the toys when you shop at a boutique, which can help you select what you want. There are also salespeople on hand to answer your questions, and you are free to take anything you want home and put it to use right away. Perusing online sex toys Malaysia with a partner in public is enjoyable, but don’t go into too much detail that you engage others without their permission.


Because online shopping is private, you can go into deeper detail about what draws you to certain toys and how you’d utilise them than you could in a public setting. Although the wait is arduous, there is something to be said about the thrill of anticipation.


  1. Toys should be used all over your body.


When it comes to genital sex toys like vibrators and dildos, people rarely think beyond the box. Play with them to explore your entire body, whether it’s vibrating nipples or the silky silicone of a dildo running down their back.


On your genitals, never utilise a new device. Examine how it feels on your skin all over your body.


There are, of course, exceptions. Make certain that whatever you use is safe. To avoid getting trapped, whatever you put up your butt should have a flared base. Yes, this does occur. Aside from that, common sense reigns supreme.



THE SS2, Petaling Jaya

SS2 is an inner neighborhood of Petaling Jaya, one of the largest cities in Selangor, Malaysia’s most developed state. The town’s focal feature is the famous commercial center, which has every sort of company imaginable, from wedding boutiques to durian booths. SS2 is a thriving neighborhood that bustles with activity at all hours of the day, from before the sun rises, when throngs congregate at the neighborhood market, to the small hours of the morning, when the cafes are packed with late-night revelers. It is surrounded by Damansara Jaya, Damansara Utama, SS17, and SS23 (Taman Sea).



The enclave is easily accessible via the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), SPRINT Highway, and North-Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE). It is also accessible from the Rothmans roundabouts and Jalan Universiti. The Taman Bahagia LRT Station is also located in the area. Rapid KL buses that connect this station to residential neighborhoods in and around Petaling Jaya and other bus lines like the free Petaling Jaya City Bus and MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line feeder buses from Phileo Damansara MRT station, make SS2 a popular and highly-traveled transit center. 


Restaurants, Educational Institutes, and Religious sites

A variety of restaurants to whet one’s appetite may be found within a stone’s throw from SS2. Chow Yan Restaurant, Pelita Nasi Kandar Restaurant, The Cave, Restoran Murni, and McDonald’s are among the established establishments ensconced inside the enclave. In elementary and secondary education, SS2 has a diverse range of public schools following the national curriculum. Popular private and international schools are also easily accessible from the region. SRJK Puay Chai, SRK Taman Sea, SMK Taman Sea, Beaconhouse Sri Inai International School, and Prime Education Ltd are a few of the schools. 

Besides that, there are also several banks, including Maybank, Alliance Bank, Southern Bank, Affin Bank, and RHB Bank. Masjid Aminah Al-Muhairi, The Community Baptist Church, Chempaka Buddhist Lodge, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, and Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya Sikh Temple are among the places of worship nearby.


Environment and Nightlife

Nature lovers and health enthusiasts are fortunate to live here since SS2 has a huge park and playground right in the middle of the business district where residents and visitors may enjoy mother nature by running, hiking, cycling, and even walking. Without its nightlife, SS2 would be incomplete. Check out Club Atmosphere, Uncle Don’s @ SS2, Oenophilia SS2, Club Home & Away SS2, and Road Bar SS2.


Amenities available 

3 Damansara, Atria Retail Centre, Tropicana City, the Starling, and Paradigm Mall are among the nearby supermarkets and shopping complexes where locals and tourists alike may go shopping. Mini markets such as Wan Xiang Mini Market, KK Super Mart SS2 (SS2), Isha Mini Market, Pasar Mini Pelangi Mini Market, and Soleh Mini Mart are convenient places to get daily essentials. Klinik Petaling Jaya, Reborn Healthcare Sdn Bhd, Klinik Alam Medic, and Klinik K.W. Wong are just a few of the neighboring clinics.


Properties in SS2 

SS2 properties are freehold. The typical price of a property in the neighborhood is RM 920,000, with a median price per square foot of RM 567. In SS2, there are over 419 properties listed. Investors and homeowners might look at adjacent properties such as Section 21, Petaling Jaya.

Containers For Freezer Storage Malaysia

Types Of Containers For Freezer Storage Malaysia To Choose?

There are many types of containers for freezer storage Malaysia, for you. But do you think that most people just get confused on which type of containers to use? This is due to the variety of freezer containers that we can find in the market nowadays. There are different types of material that these  containers are made from, most of the common things that we hear about are plastic and glass. 

Yet this is not the issue, but the debate that happens among people who use the plastic and glass container to store in their freezer is one that we all are going to look at. There are claims from kitchen expert that states using glass as a container for freezer storage Malaysia would lead to a disaster whereby using plastic containers for freezer storage would be harmful to us. Well in this topic, let’s talk about the use of both glass and plastic as containers for freezer storage Malaysia.


Reason Behind People’s Hard Time In Determining The Containers

In this modern era we are living, there are multiple choices that have been provided to all of us, therefore when it comes to foods, the choices and decisions we make are the one that influences our lifestyle. If you are someone who is under budget or planning on saving some money for yourself then the only way to ensure that is by bringing your own food from home. But when it comes to choosing food containers, the question that people keep on asking themselves are the materials that they need to choose, is it glass or plastic? Well the answer to this question is not that easy sometimes.

Moreover, the reason behind why people are having hard time over choosing between two of these material are due to this factors:

  1. Safety concerns
  2. Environmental issues
  3. Space of the containers
  4. Weight of the containers
  5. Functionality of the containers

In order to narrow out this problem, I have listed the speciality of each container down below, to give my dear readers a choice in choosing the perfect containers for freezer storage Malaysia.

Containers For Freezer Storage Malaysia


Plastic containers are definitely convenient for work or school purposes, due to their lightweight characteristics. These plastic containers are durable and sometimes are able to be used for a long period of time. Therefore, this plastic container is inexpensive and affordable. It is also good to be aware of the material of plastic containers that you are using. Because plastic material comes with different varieties hence, doing a proper research before getting one is advisable. Yet here’s are some safe plastic that can be used:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET Or PETE)

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Bio-Plastic

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)


When it comes to glass type material, containers are definitely worth trying. But the most important thing here is to be careful when it comes to handling the container as it is made out of glass. There are studies showing that these glass containers are good to be used due to its material. The glass containers are able to withstand high and low temperatures.

Containers For Freezer Storage Malaysia

Why should you become a family doctor?

Most clearly, Family Medicine allows a significant degree of freedom, much more than most prospective doctors know or anticipate. You have the option of delivering babies all day if you so want. You may even get some practice in the emergency department if that is what you want. Alternatively, you may like to work as a hospitalist in an inpatient setting. All of this, and much more, is attainable with the help of family medicine.

academy of family doctor in Malaysia

In general, family doctors enjoy a favourable work schedule, with regular 9 to 5 office hours and little call. It should be noted that if you concentrate on obstetrics, emergency medicine, or hospitalist medicine, your hours will be more closely aligned with what is typical for that speciality.


If you prefer getting to know your patients and developing connections with them, family medicine is an excellent choice since you may see patients from birth until they reach maturity.


The degree of medical expertise maintained by family physicians is also maintained. Medical students in their later years are well aware of what I’m referring to. You put in thousands of hours and a tremendous amount of time studying about the many organ systems and associated disorders, only to forget most of it when your focus narrows down to a particular area of medicine. Concerning cosmetic surgery, I felt that way. Family medicine is one of the few disciplines you may continue to build on your broad knowledge base as your career progresses. Knowing that you can deal with almost anything that goes through the door gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Suppose you value your time with your family and interests outside of medicine. In that case, family medicine offers the freedom to practise medicine while still having time for your own family and interests outside of medicine.

academy of family doctor in Malaysia

Do you want to pursue a career as a family medicine physician? You’ll need to do well on your class quizzes and standardised examinations if you want to get into medical school and match into a fantastic academy of family doctors in Malaysia. Whenever you’re looking for resources or firms to collaborate with, search for those that are true MD physicians rather than PhDs or other sorts of doctors who did not attend medical school. Look for those that have achieved excellent outcomes for themselves, have a track record of success with favourable reviews from clients, and have a systematic approach so that you can be sure of receiving high-quality service at all times. 

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lay up vessel service Malaysia

How to Lay-Up a Vessel for the Unwanted Ships

Laying up a vessel is usually a huge financial choice, and with the current market conditions, it’s becoming more common, but how does it operate and what should one be concerned about?

Laying up a vessel entails ceasing to use it for a length of time. It’ll just be moored in the right place. Laying up a vessel could be for a variety of reasons, including waiting for a better scrap market or deactivating the vessel owing to overcapacity with the goal of reactivating it later. Lay-up periods might last anything from a few weeks to five years or more.

According to the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, 101 of its members’ offshore vessels were in lay-up in February, as of March 31, 2016, a figure that is projected to climb. Container ships are in the same boat. By December 2015, the number of idle vessels had reached a record high, with 331 vessels accounting for 1,36 million TEU (source:

This example demonstrates how vascular treatment varies depending on the lay-up period and the cause for the lay-up. The responsibilities and requirements given by class, flag state, and port authority differ as the treatment differs. They all have a certain amount of clout.


Is it hot or cold?

The operator must first choose between a hot and cool lay-up. When a ship is laid up in a hot lay-up condition, the ship’s engines and equipment continue to work, allowing for speedy re-commissioning and considerably easier and less expensive preservation than when the ship is laid up in a cold lay-up condition. The operational costs are higher, a larger crew is required, and the cost of consumables for the machines in use has grown.

During a cold lay-up, vessels are only supplied with emergency energy for lighting, windlass/mooring winches, and fire extinguisher, which is often provided by portable generators mounted on deck. Re-commissioning can take three weeks or more, depending on the period of lay-up. Re-commissioning time is uncertain and can take months if the lay-up is five years or longer.

The key concerns here are humidity, chemical leaks, and the state of the hull (sea chest / sea water lines).


What should I do with it?

Good grounds for anchoring or mooring, as well as nearly no current or strong winds, are ideal lay-up locations (e.g. should be outside of the typhoon belt). It should also be lawful and approved by the local port authority.

An affordable lay-up berth is another option. This option avoids supply issues for the watch keepers and allows surveyors and crew quick access to the vessel, but it comes at the expense of renting the berth.


Activating the Dormant Vessel

Before the vessel may resume service, a number of surveys must be completed, depending on the length of the idle time. When a vessel has been laid up for 12 months or longer, several class authorities require a sea trial. In addition, the vessel’s expired certificates must be renewed before it may be re-commissioned.

lay up vessel service Malaysia

For more information on lay-up vessel service Malaysia, check out Altus Malaysia.

Offices for Rent In Shah Alam

Now, for those of us who live and work in the bustling streets of Selangor, we are well aware of how busy the streets are and how long it takes to get from point A to point B. A simple 5-minute distance could take up to 20-25 minutes to reach during busy hours. Not to mention, when it rains, it could take up to an hour just to reach your destination. This is why I say it’s important to choose your place of work. This is to make it easier for you to travel the distance every day. 

On the other, this doesn’t mean that we should neglect those businesses that are located in areas that are hard to reach. You’d never know, but your dream job could be located in those hard to reach areas. Hence, it falls to the business owners to decide on an area that is easy for their employees and customers to reach. So if you’re still struggling, here are tips to choose the perfect location for your business in Shah Alam. 

 offices for rent near LRT in Shah Alam  offices for rent near LRT in Shah Alam


Public Transportation 

First and foremost, you must locate a place that is easily reached by public transit. It would be convenient for people who do not drive and rely on public transit if their workplace was within walking distance of bus or train stops. People that are used to working in Selangor are familiar with the LRT (Light Rail Train) lines and prefer to work in regions where the LRT stops, which includes Shah Alam. As a result, it would be easy for them to travel every day.

Network Connectivity 

Second, choose settings where internet connectivity is straightforward and reliable. This is especially important for people who work in professions that demand the use of technology, such as digital marketing, web design, and information technology. These businesses’ working conditions necessitate that employees spend the majority of their time on their computers and have access to the internet. If their building is located in an area with poor internet connectivity, it will seriously impede their growth. It tends to slow folks down, making them frustrated and irritated, reducing their productivity.


Finally, choosing a crowded neighbourhood is also suggested. Particularly if your employees’ working hours necessitate their travelling in the dark. It would be dangerous for them to travel to work if you choose to situate your building in a remote area. This is especially important for those who use public transit and must travel long distances. The last thing you want to do is endanger your employees, should they choose to work somewhere else rather than with you. Another reason for this is that if your company’s headquarters are in a busy area, there will be nearby restaurants. Therefore, your employees will not need to walk far or even drive to restaurants for lunch. 

So, the next time you decide to open a business, or even relocate, check out offices for rent near LRT in Shah Alam


Damansara Perdana

Why Invest Damansara Perdana?

Damansara Perdana is a township that is located in the Petaling District, west of Kuala Lumpur, in the state of Selangor. At first, the land of Damansara Perdana was used to be a village belonging to indigenous people until 1996 when the developer, MK Land Holdings Berhad, brought the area and commenced the development of Damansara Perdana which cost RM 1.9 billion. It was the best township to be developed in Petaling Jaya during that time while other areas surrounding it were either rural or untouched lands. Currently, Damansara Perdana is a bustling place with various facilities and amenities for all groups of people with an affordable cost of living and a perfect location from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Since the area is currently undergoing some enhanced developments, the living cost might potentially increase. This makes Damansara Perdana a magnet for property investors. However, what are the factors that attract these investors to invest in properties of Damansara Perdana? Let’s check it out! 

Damansara Perdana

Reasons to Invest Damansara Perdana:


  • Affordable house price

Based on the statement by Patrick Chan, the head of project sales under Vivahouse Realty, revealed that cost of living is much more affordable in Damansara Perdana as compared to the neighboring areas like Subang Jaya and Ara Damansara. This makes most middle-income individuals a perfect choice to stay here. However, the house pricing in Damansara Perdana might go up in the future as the area sits in the land with new developments which tend to have better resale market value compared to the developing areas. As a result, a lower risk towards investors or buyers with a stable rental return.  


  • Upcoming developments and new infrastructure

As I mentioned in the previous statement, Damansara Perdana will undergo a new development. Thus, there are new infrastructures and facilities are yet to be developed in the coming future. For instance, the most recent development project that took place in Damansara Perdana is the Empire City project. According to Patrick, the building will act as a mall for shopping and an integrated business hub with two office towers above the mall. The completion of the project will mark the biggest mall in Petaling Jaya. 


  • Potentially Great Accessibility

Besides that, Damansara Perdana is highly accessible as it sits near the three major expressways, which are the NKVE, Penchala Link, and the LDP Damansara to Puchong Expressway. Besides that, the area is also well connected with public transport as the area is served by the Sungai Buloh to Kajang MRT line. The nearest MRT station to Damansara Perdana is the Mutiara Damansara MRT which sits five minutes from the area.  

  • Surrounded by Commercial hubs and Amenities

Last but not least, the area consists of a huge number of excellent office towers which provide job opportunities to residents who live in surrounding areas. To name a few such as Menara LHDN, Suria Tower, Menara TSR etc. Plus, there are amenities available like Tesco and IKEA which provide the needs for surrounding businesses and residents. This makes a perfect place for young adults, especially graduates who wish to live nearby the office within walking distance at an affordable cost.



Damansara Perdana has a lot of potentials that are yet to discover by investors to become an upmarket township. The area has all the necessary facilities and interesting amenities which sustain the life of residents living nearby with affordable cost of living.  

applying for an MBBS degree in Malaysia

A Complete Guide on How Apply for MBBS in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with a growing medical tourism industry. One of the leading medical universities in Malaysia is RUMC which hosts more than 40,000 international students and more than 10,000 Malaysian students every year. When it comes to the medical field, doctors are in high demand and they can easily make a six-figure salary. Applications are usually submitted online and applicants will undergo an entrance test where they must pass a written test before they can apply for admission. However, there is no such thing as being too careful when applying for admission. The application process can take months to complete and one wrong move at the beginning could lead to rejection that would affect your entire career as you need to start over from scratch if you don’t have any backup plans.

applying for an MBBS degree in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best countries to get a medical education. This country is home to many international universities and renowned medical institutions. Malaysia has a high-standard and highly competitive medical education system. Malaysia has gained popularity in recent years due to its increasing demand for qualified doctors. The country has set up the Medical Council of Malaysia, which regulates the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare industries. Malaysia is one of the countries with a great health care system. Nowadays, there are many opportunities for high-quality medical education in Malaysia. Malaysia has a lot of universities and colleges which offer internationally recognized degrees. When it comes to the process of applying for an MBBS degree in Malaysia, it’s not as easy as people think. There are many steps involved and it might take a long time to get through them all. This includes filling up the application form and submitting all documents as required by the Malaysian Government in order to complete your application successfully.

To apply for an MBBS degree in Malaysia, you need to:

  • Fill out the application form online.
  • Submit your academic documents.
  • Take a written test at the university.
  • Take an English proficiency test.
  • Pass a mandatory.

Malaysia is one of the top producing countries for medical graduates, with more than 80% of the country’s 1 million people having their own healthcare insurance. The application for an MBBS degree in Malaysia is done through the MOH of Malaysia. This country has a highly competitive entrance test for students who wish to pursue this course.

The RUMC, which is one of the top medical universities in the world, conducts entrance tests on behalf of MOH. To get into this university, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a four-year bachelor’s degree with good grades in Biology and Chemistry subjects. The total number of available seats is around 350.Malaysian medical school application process is quite difficult. It includes a written entrance exam and an interview. Malaysian medical graduates don’t have to worry about the admission process. All they need to do is go through the entrance test, which consists of a written exam and an interview. Malaysian medical graduates are often sought after in a variety of countries. They can work as nurses, doctors, physician assistants and more.

Airtight rice storage containers Malaysia

Must-Have Items For Your Kitchen

1. Knives

A chef’s best friend is a good knife. It is among the few items you’ll be glad you spent money on. Carbon-plated stainless steel would keep its sharpness over time, but you’ll need to travel to a speciality store to locate the perfect fit. Pick a knife that you’re more comfortable with. It should appear balanced in your palm, easy to hold and manage, not too hefty, but not flimsy. Try to take care of it because you’ll be utilising it a lot.


2. Knife Holder and Sharpener

While displaying a knife block makes you seem like a skilled chef, there’s no denying that it takes up valuable counter space. Still, as a good knife set is a must-have in any kitchen, you’ll need to find a place to keep them. Get a knife organiser if you have any empty wall kitchen space and keep all your knives organised and secure.

Once you’ve found the proper knife, make sure to keep it sharpened because a dull knife can be dangerous to both you and the food you’re cutting. Nevertheless, there’s no need to go to the trouble of employing a sharpening service or spending a lot of money on a fancy electric gizmo. Just purchase a sharpener and you could sharpen your knives whenever you want to.


3. Airtight Rice Storage Container

Rice should be kept in a cold, dry area once opened. Storing them in a firmly airtight container keeps dust, moisture, and other pollutants out. For more airtight rice storage containers Malaysia, check out Tupperware Brand.


4. A Dryer Rack

If you have a small kitchen, you probably don’t have much counter space. If this is the case, invest in an extensible drying rack that you can place over your sink once you’ve finished cleaning all of your plates. You won’t take up any more space this way, and your dishes will have plenty of areas to dry. Look for a slitted rack so that any surplus water can drain into the sink underneath.


5. Stackable Food Storage Containers

There are numerous stacking food storage container sets available, allowing you to store up to six (or more) containers in one large container. A set of food containers would be an essential part of kitchen items if you frequently have leftovers, or want to prepare your meals multiple days ahead of time.


6. Stackable Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are necessary for every baker or home cook, but with only a few cupboards to work with, creating space for a minimum of half a dozen bowls of varying sizes is difficult. Fortunately, you can get a set of stacking mixing bowls that only occupy the space of the biggest bowl in the collection.


7. Pots and Pans Rack

Pots and pans are generally among the largest objects in your kitchen, but they’re essential for cooking everything from spaghetti to a vegetable stir-fry. Consider buying a hanging rack that could be put on a corner near your stove if you don’t have enough cupboard room to store your pots and pans. Most racks feature multiple hooks, and some even have a constructed shelf for extra storage.

Airtight rice storage containers Malaysia

How To Use Sex Toys Safely

Are you a owner of a sex toy and want to know how to keep it safe? Everyone is active these days, from singles to couples, millennials to baby boomers. Sex toys are even recommended by doctors for health reasons. They, on the other hand, are always forgetting to ensure that it is safe. Here are a few simple tips and hacks to assist you with this.


  1. Material of the sex toy

Although there is no scientific researches and reports examining the bodily safety of various sex toy materials, customers may opt to avoid certain materials. Phthalates are used in the production of some toys. Because these chemicals, which are included in certain plastics, may affect human hormones, they have been restricted for use in items like children’s toys and pacifiers. Before purchasing a sex toy, try to get to know about the materials it is made out of. Here are a few of the safest materials including silicone, borosilicate glass, and stainless steel.

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  1. Use lube, and the right kind!

Many toy materials are compatible with lubricants that are water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based. However, silicone toys, which are perhaps one of the most popular materials for these toys, may only be used with lubricants that are water or oil based. A silicone toy’s surface will degrade and eventually be ruined by silicone-based lubrication. If you like silicone lube—which many people do because of how long-lasting it may be—unlubricated condoms will come in useful again. You can technically use silicone with silicone all you want if you put one on your toy. If you opt to use a latex condom with your toy, you should only use water- or silicone-based lubrication since oil-based lube causes latex to rip.


  1. Purchase from a Reputable Company

The sex toy business is increasing by the day, which means it can be a struggle to assess the safety of what you’re buying. Begin by looking for reliable manufacturers and businesses that are open and honest about their products. It’s a good start if a company gives thorough information on the materials it uses as well as instructions on how to use and clean its toys. 

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People also have the misconception that the most costly toys are always the best. You may begin with a toy that is fairly priced! Splurging may be worthwhile if you’ve figured out what you want. More costly brands are more likely to come with greater warranties, higher-quality materials and parts, and will last you longer. This secret cherry links offers the best dildos in Malaysia and would be a great start for a beginner! If you do want to save some money before investing in a toy, you could always try other objects and even experiment with various different types of sex toys

Staff at sex toy stores are educated to assist you in determining which sex items are ideal for you while also prioritising your sexual health. It’s also a safer choice to look for feminist sex toy firms and wellness-oriented sex toy companies.


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